Tall Player (4/5 man) Development & ID Camp Info

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Tall Player 4 and 5 man Development and Identification Camp
Purpose of the camp: To identify tall young players in BC and to introduce them to Canada Basketball Tall Player Project to help develop a players ability for University and National Team potential

Players will be introduced and taught:
*   Footwork in the post, short corner and high post
*   Finishing moves in the post, short corner and high post with both hands
*   Pick and pop 4 / 5 man footwork and moves along the perimeter
*   Pick and dive 4 / 5 man footwork and moves
*   Strength and conditioning drills and exercise tailored for tall players
*   Mental approach to playing the 4 / 5 spot through one on one coaching and video analysis
*   Competition against older and current university post players
*   Plus many more specific areas tailored to tall players in Canada Basketball’s Tall Player Project

Camp for is for players:
*   Grade 9 – 6 ‘4 +
*   Grade 10 – 6’5 +
*   Grade 11 – 6’6 +
*   Grade 12 – 6’7 +

Date, Location and Cost info will be released soon.

This is an invite only camp – Coaches and Players please contact Coach Kyle Graves if you would like to attend – coachkylegraves@gmail.com

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