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Vancouver Sun: Where Does B.C. B-Ball Rank in Canada?

(Featured image credit: Richard Lam, Vancouver Sun)

Eight p.m. is prime time in West Hastings for Vancouver ballers.

Walking through the colourful neighbourhood at night can bring about several eventful encounters — many of which you may not necessarily welcome — but this one is needed for any hoop enthusiast.

A vanishing burgundy and grey pavement pattern plus a pair of ramshackle apartment buildings outside provide the runway. A homeless man, his clothes sagged, stained and tattered, holds the door open — he’s the host on this night.

“Hello,” he says, with an open palm before scurrying away moments later when the security guard comes in sight.

Over the next 15 minutes the court slowly begins to fill with player after player willing to forgive the harsh concrete pavement and hundreds of passing pedestrians. The lone hoop is caught between a London Drugs and Nesters store in an overhead hanger.

Woodward’s basketball court: Less than ideal, but it’ll do.

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